Wood framed interior windows

Custom made wood framed interior windows

We deliver wood framed interior windows manufactured according to project-specific dimensions. You can choose a traditional square or rectangle as the shape of the window, but other shapes such as unique round interior windows are also possible. Wooden interior windows can be realized as a fixed or opening version and equipped as needed with, for example, blinds.

Glazing according to the project´s requirements

The glazing for wood framed interior windows is selected according to the desired sound insulation of the project and other requirements. You can choose, for example, a clear, tinted or matte glass, or an attractive and easy-to-use electrically dimmable smart glass.

We also manufacture wood framed interior windows for particularly demanding locations, for example X-ray glasses for healthcare examination rooms.

Accurate dimensions

The widths and heights of HSL wood framed interior windows can be precisely measured according to your wishes. Frames are usually made from 30×92 mm MDF, wood or plywood profiles or according to your special requirements. The profile can be painted or coated with veneer, for example.

Technical information

Interior window elements are always made according to the customer's plans.

Profile for example 30×92, 30×120 and project-specific dimensions
The installation of the glass on the profiles track or with wood / aluminum moulding
Sound insulation by glass type
Measured sound insulation with a combination of fixed and opening window Rw55dB


As with all of the HSL products, also the wood framed interior windows will be delivered exactly on time and installed with a turnkey principle. Installation is done in ready-made light openings, so the space is ready for use and can be furnished immediately after installation.

Product name and guarantee

Guarantee duration 2 years

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